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Adhoc Analysis: usability like Excel Pivot Table

Currently we have basic adhoc analysis capabilities in Jedox Web via paste view / edit view.
But when you really need to analyze your business you have a lot of navigation steps with different combinations of dimensions, hierarchies, elements, levels of details etc.

Here it is annyoing to click everytime on "edit view", change dimensions and hierarchies and then go back to the report to see the results (and maybe notice that you did something wrong / need to change something again).

It would bring much more benefit to have the list of dimensions, hierarchies and elements as well as the filter/row/column assignment side by side with view matrix on one screen... so that you immediatelly see the results of your data view configuration.
=> like it is in the standard Excel Pivot Table (and a bit like it was in the old Jedox Analyzer)

Thanks :)

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  • Martin Kratky commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree. Key features like sorting by value per column/row are missing in views. What could be potentially helpful is to make it possible to use the view as an Excel Table with all related features. Currently when you use "format as table" the view is completely destroyed and unusable if just the data area would be taken into account this could work.

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