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OLAP database connections in workbooks more centralized / standardized

Managing/setting/changing of OLAP db connections in Jedox Web workbooks should be handled via standardized system variables or centralized connection objects which are set and used by default.

Currently by default just plain Strings are inserted into PALO formulas as well as within subsets for dynaranges, comboboxes etc.

It is later on only with a lot of efforts possible to change connections for a workbook or a bunch of workbooks completely. (e.g. for migrations, deployments or similar scenarios)

Basically if you right now want to switch from hard-coded connection strings to variables you have to rebuild each and every subset in each and every workbook. And for each and every PALO formula you later on insert via "insert function" you have to remember to replace the connection string with the related connection variable (or named range).

This could be avoided by managing workbook connections in a more standardized approach by the Jedox Web platform itself.

In the simplest way the platform could create and insert a variable (e.g. con1) automatically within the PALO function wizard or subset wizard.

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