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Check calculation period of Subset Data.Filter

Problem: When an user executes an Excel-Subset with a Data.Filter and this Data.Filter has unsufficient restrictions on every dimension, then the subset calculation will need a high amount of Server resources and the olap service is likely to crash.

Reason: User don't realise, how much resources the calculation might take or User are fast inserting a subset without checking the restrictions of the data.filter.

Solution: Before executing a Subset with a Data.Filter check the estimated amount of resources for the calculation. If the amount is to high: display a warning for the user. If he clicks "yes" then the calculation will proceed. If "no", then the Data.Filter will be not included into the subset and no calculation will happen.

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to cover the described scenario, in Jedox release 2018.3, we have updated the Subset Editor in Jedox Web – DFilter will now by default restrict each dimension to the first root element, which should prevent users from unintentionally generating extremely large DFilter areas. We will soon roll out this change to Jedox Exel Add-In, as well.


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