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Reuse of Field Transforms (esp. groovy) - central library / repository of components


sometimes you have field transform methods which are used in the same way in different ETL processes.
This might be complex groovy scripts or simple concatenations.

If you need to change even a simple concatenation scheme (like generating a key) across several different processes it is very much effort and very error prone.

Also for more complex groovy scripts it is not good if you have them redundant.
Therefore it would be good to create such transformations in a kind of central repository with generic inputs. And then you can select/use/map them in a concrete field transform step within a concrete process.

When you need to change a certain logic, then you would just change
it centrally and it would be reflected in all related processes.

Besides this I have to say that esp. the Jedox Integrator has reached a very high maturity level.

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