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NULL check for FieldTransform functions (ISNULL/default value)

In FieldTransform functions we need the option to define a default value for inputs and outputs which contain NULL values / invalid values.

FieldTransform functions work well, if you have valid inputs.

But sometimes you have invalid inputs or null inputs.
Then the field transform can obviously not provide a valid output and you will get <<null>> as result.
Furthermore you get a warning in the log.

You can solve this with additional Switch functions to check the values, but this gets very clumsy and confusing.

You have a DateDuration function to calculate the duration between
2 dates. But in the incoming data there is sometimes one of the dates
not filled / <<null>>.
So the output of the function will be <<null>> as well.
It would be great to define an alternative default value for such null values - either for the inputs or for the output ..or for both.

For inputs it would be nice-to-have to cover not only null values but also invalid input values in general (e.g. if the value is filled, but not a valid date or number).

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  • Jens Lorentz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    one addition:

    if you set a default value for the output of the function incas of null,
    then of course there should not be any warning anymore in the log

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