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Deactivate auto-check in credentials for Jedox Mobile

The option to deactivate auto-check when you enter your username and password should be always visible and it should be possible to permanently save the decision to use auto-check, or not.

At the moment users have to long press in a specific spot in a white area until a "secret" option appears to deactivate the automatic checking of credentials. The problem is that the app tries to log on with every single character of the password, so that entering a 8 digit password will generate 7 invalid attempts to log on! Users will not remember, that there is a hidden area where they have to change the settings before changing their password.

Here is the respective text from the knowledge base:

"My account gets deactivated due to a limited number of failed retries when entering my credentials in the account wizard.

When creating a new account and entering the account credentials, every time a new character is entered, the app checks in background if the credentials are already valid. If the number of failed login attempts is limited e.g. by an Active Directory group policy this may lead to the account getting deactivated.

Android: Is it possible to deactivate the auto-check in the credentials step to prevent the account from being deactivated. This can be done in the credentials step by long-pressing somewhere in the white space below the credentials text fields. A red symbol will appear indicating the status of the auto-check.

iOS: You can deactivate the auto-check in the new-account-screen by long-pressing right next to the password text field. A red symbol will appear indicating the status of the auto-check."

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  • Johannes Müller commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This shouldn't be a Feature Voting Request. In every larger company you have policies that restrict failed login attempts. If Jedox is configured to authenticate against LDAP/AD and Jedox admins are unable to deactivate the above mentioned behavior - it's broken by design.

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