How can we improve Jedox Software?

Have BC rules: C for time dimension and B for other dimension (rules for semi-additive measures)

Mixture of B and C rules (basically a B rule, but not for dimensions marked for semi-additive measures). => To allow rule transformations for semi-additive measures

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It would be great to define rules, which are C-rule related to the time dimension but at the same time B-rule to all other dimensions in the cube.
(So we target consolidated elements in time dimension and base elements in all other dimensions)

With this we could define advanced semi-additive aggregation behaviour, which is currently not provided by Jedox (e.g. NonEmptyAverage)

Right now we only have some basic semi-additive aggregation in Jedox.

In general it would be really powerful to define rules, which are targeting consolidated elements in some selected dimensions and base elements in all other dimensions.
(not only related to time aggregation)

This is based on a comment to by Jens Lorentz

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