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Automatic (De)-normalization Fields

wenn you have several columns to denormalize or normalize you have to put them manually in the fields. This is now easier since you can grab the input columns but this is not dynamic.

This would be awesome if instead of entering the name of the field to normalize or denormalize you could enter a regex.

Let's take an example to illustrate that. Let's say that you have the following input:

Country | Year | Datatype | Month1 | Month2 | Month3

I use a TableNormalization to turn the columns Month1, Month2, Month3 into rows.

Now let's say that my input changes, and I have 2 more columns:
Country | Year | Datatype | Month1 | Month2 | Month3 | Month4 | Month5

I have to change all the TableNormalization to reflect the change, and add 2 more rows.

If I were able to enter: ^Month.* in a single row then it would normalize automatically all the columns that comply with the regex

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