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Submit button for entered values in Jedox Web and Excel - can reduce network traffic

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  • Robert Hagedorn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    this would be a very helpful for us as well because we often use
    our problem:
    - after every combobox change the report updates which sometimes takes several seconds.
    - now we often have several comboboxes in a report and the user has to set every combobox at the start to create the initial starting point for his analysis
    -> after changing one combobox value the report starts to update but the user already set other combobox values as well.. the user now has to know that he has to wait until every combobox change has been calculated and refreshed.
    - to avoid this we implemented a macro which keeps the report from being refreshed and a button which the user has to click after he changed all the combo boxes.
    - This of course is time consuming in development and maintenance and leads to bugs and unhappy users.

    I understand the submit button as being similar to the generate button we implement every time ourselves and thats why I urge everybody to support this feature request :)

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