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Rework formatting for dates, thousand/decimal separator and percentages in Jedox Web

Regarding the formatting I like to suggest a change request:
1) For dates: just follow the formatting of the cell for as well OUTPUT as INPUT. The same as Excel does. Now we have the situation in Jedox web that the input of dates must be in the language setting format, the output is following the cell format, this does not make any sense. So it would be better to separate date formatting from the language settings of the Jedox web user interface.
2) For comma & thousand separator. Just separate this setting from the language, just like windows does, so cut the relation between user interface language and this setting. Now English speaking users that should report in the Netherlands should be able to have an English Jedox Web, but reports with Dutch currency settings.
3) Another one that comes up really every time at any customer used to Excel: when a cell is formatted as a percentage, the user expects the input to be interpreted as being a percentage. For example input 10 that the system should store this as 10%, not as 1000%

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