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Assign Default License Type by Group

We had the case in the past that users run out of "named licenses" even though we had purchased enough licenses. The reason is that users are assigned by default to the "Jedox" license type and not to "Jedox Analyzer" or "Jedox Viewer".

In Jedox Web, tab System Manager, then Licenses, the server shows the available and used license seats. If the admin user clicks on a license type, the active sessions are shown at the bottom. A second tab allows the assignment of users to specific license types (see attached file screen_1).

This process is ok when you have a small number of users, but it is very cumbersome with 100s of users, especially if they are created automatically via Single Sign-On.

It would be easier if were able to set a default license type at the group level (see attached file screen_2). Alternatively, this may be available at the role level, maybe.

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