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Jedox Web default fonts/colours

Improve default formatting options for web spreadsheet and web graphs

The default options for Web should be best looking options so when users make new reports, these can look smarter by default.

At the moment, the default colours and fonts are not the most modern and almost every items needs to be manually changed.

Some options (however suggest you get a web designer to provide options)

Spreadsheet: Calibri (currently the cells are by default arial - like excel 2003)

Graphs (at least the dynamic graphs): Calibri (everything ie axes, labels etc).

Make black or dark grey instead of blue so less distraction from the data series.

Graph data series colours should either be Jedox Web colours (ie bottom left colours in the colour pallet) or at least "Aspect".

No need for borders around the graph or the legend.

See attached .wss with two worksheets – one with the current wen default and one with sample alternative defaults.

Obviously themes/templates could be also be provided, but the above just relates to settings so should be trivial to implement.

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