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Wrong hierarchy displayed in Combobox using DFILTER, AFILTER

At the moment there is a problem with D-filtering and A-filtering in a subset for building a combobox.

Please take a look at the screenshot attached.
Here is what I did:
1. On the left hand side you can see the original hierarchie of some dimension. As you can see, elements 11100 and 11110 are consolidated under 1-FAK. Elements 11200 and 11210 are consolidated under 1-FAE.
2. Now add any attribute to the dimension and place e.g. an "x" in this attribute for elements 2-FA, 1-FAK, 11100, 11110, 11200 and 11210. Please notice that the attribute has to remain empty for 1-FAE.
3. Add a combobox using AFILTER on this attribute and show hierarchiy (not list).

The result will be the same as in the picture attached. The original hierarchie will be "replaced" by a new one because of the missing consolidated element 1-FAE.
The result should not consolidate elements 11200 and 11210 under element 1-FAK because its simply wrong.

I do understand that there is table behind and the leaves in this example do have the same depth in hierarchy. But nevertheless the result displayed could lead to confusion on user side.

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