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Paste NOT only for visible area (especially when using dynaranges)

Unfortunately in Jedox Web copy&paste is only possible for visible areas of the report.
When working with large dynranges people often export reports to excel first, then they fill in their numbers (e.g. sales revenue planned) and want to paste the values from excel into the web report.

But this paste action will only fill those cells in the web report the user is able to see on his screen. If the underlying dynarange contains more lines than shown, the paste values will simply be ignored in paste action.
It is really hard to explain to users why jedox behaves like this and why they therefore always have to copy only parts of their source to paste it into the visible part of the web report.

Maybe it is possible to add paste action (like strg+v) to a certain group of user actions that triggers the web reports to a complete load (even if it is in the background).
After some testing with the colleagues from jedox support we found out, that PALO.SETDATA has to have such a trigger function. Because even if the SETDATA is below some long dynarange (in the non-visible part of a web report), it is triggered on change like we were expecting it to be.

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