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Microsoft Office integrations (Excel, PowerPoint, & Word)

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Add ability to Influence which sheets are included in XLSX snapshot

The export of the whole workbook should then be the non-default option. A common use case is to export the single sheet that you are on. Would be good to have an option for sheets to exclude/include them from snapshot export.

Enable drill-through capability in Excel 365

The drill-through capability is not enabled in the new Add-in. This is very important, especially in the controlling department, where you want to see what's behind aggregated values (E.g., specific invoices and related details)

Copy & Paste in 365 Excel Add-in

Ability to copy & paste (CTRL+C & V) values into PALO formulas (view/detached/...) without overwriting these. For multiple cells, string and numeric (user-definable preferred numeric format or at least a warning/selection, if the input has...

Enable Rule Tracer in the 365 Add-in

I would like to have access to the origin of calculated values on PALO.DATA* cells to understand how it has been calculated

Enable Drill History in the 365 Add-in

I would like to be able to track the changes made to values in the cube, similar to the COM Add-in feature

Provide an option to share Excel Add-in files with non-Jedox users without breaking the workbook

I would like to have in the 365 Add-in a similar option as we had in the COM Add-in where we could save Excel workbooks as "Snapshots", this allow us to share the file with non-Jedox users without breaking the workbook content

Search and select all matching elements in "Paste elements" dialog

Add functionality to search and select all matching elements in "Paste elements" UI from Jedox Web. An intuitive syntax will be *name*

Simultaneous entry of a new value in several different selected cells of a report in Excel

In a report in Jedox Web, it is possible to select several cells and enter a value simultaneously. This behaviour would also be desirable for the Excel AddIn.
over 1 year ago in Jedox Platform / Microsoft Office integrations (Excel, PowerPoint, & Word) 0 Future consideration

PALO.DATA.SOURCE Identify Rule-based values/cells

PALO.DATA.SOURCE Identify rule-based values/cells Function to identify, if a value is calculated or stored in the database. This enables dynamic reports where a conditional formatting opens cells for data entry ONLY if they are actually stored...

Access to stored subsets in the new Excel Add-in

I created some complex subsets in Jedox Web that I sometimes use in Excel I also create subsets for other users as well. I especially like them because it gives you the ability to quickly combine multiple filters and achieve complex selections.