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Microsoft Office integrations (Excel, PowerPoint, & Word)

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Add ability to Influence which sheets are included in XLSX snapshot

The export of the whole workbook should then be the non-default option. A common use case is to export the single sheet that you are on. Would be good to have an option for sheets to exclude/include them from snapshot export.

"real" alias as substitute for principal element name (everywhere)

No description provided

Excel Add-in for Mac version

With Mac getting so prevalent in the business environment, Jedox Excel Add-in should work in the Mac environment as well as the MS OS. This feature is probably more important than working in Google sheets

Dynarange in Excel

Die Funktionalität eines Dynarange sollte im Excel auch gegeben sein.

Hide all #VALUE errors

Especially on opening or reloading a workbook for a short moment there may be displayed lots of #VALUE errors, while Jedox is retrieving data. Only possibility to hide these currently is an optional formatting for text color to match background c...

Option to set alias as default value

It should be possible to preselect the alias as the default value to avoid confusing users with IDs defined as base elements. The setting should be made user-specific.

Display No Access to non access elements instead of #Value

When we setup a security at dimension level, some users are set as N to prevent an access. In report spreadsheet, the element is displayed in a single cell (not using dynarange). But when non eligible user open the report, the particular element t...

PALO.DATA.SOURCE Identify Rule-based values/cells

PALO.DATA.SOURCE Identify rule-based values/cells Function to identify, if a value is calculated or stored in the database. This enables dynamic reports where a conditional formatting opens cells for data entry ONLY if they are actually stored...