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Guided user interface for data validations

Users would benefit from an easy way to set up custom data validations, similar to the setup of consolidation rules. E.g. the amount on a PnL Account needs to match a movement on a BS Account.

Disclose financial statements from the Finanical Consolidation model as an XBRL based export

Export separate and consolidated financial statements according to one or multiple XBRL based standards (e.g. XBRL, iXBRL, SEC, ESEF, HMRC, etc.).

Disclose financial statements from the Finanical Consolidation model using an office template

Showcase the creation and automated update of a comprehensive financial statement with a Microsoft Word sample and the Jedox Office Add-In for Word.

Sample data and reports for notes in the Finanical Consolidation model

The sample configuration should be extended by some sample configuration and sample data for notes and according reports

Execute the Bring Balances Forward procedure for multiple reporting periods at once in the Finanical Consolidation model

Extend the bring balances forward procedure to populate the opening balances for multiple reporting periods of the same fiscal year from the same prior closing period with one execution.

Designed web reports for master data maintenance to the Finanical Consolidation model

Provide designed web reports to add, inspect, modify and remove master data items such as legal entities, scopes, accounts, transaction types, currencies, etc.

Profit an Loss Actual Report: Show and hide lower elements

We have a great numbe rof accounts and therefore the "Actual" Report of the PnL Model is quite long and not good to read. A new feature would be very helpful to show and hide subordinate elements with just on click instead of goint to each element...
over 1 year ago in Jedox Core Models / Profit and Loss Model 0


Please add sample data for US GAAP to the P&L Model.
about 3 years ago in Jedox Core Models / Profit and Loss Model 0

Enhancements to Planning Models sample data

Here are a couple feature requests for model sample data. Cube: Sales Planning Dimension: Sales Planning_measure Please add a string element named “Comment” Dimension: Month Please add consolidated elements for quarters. The reason i...
about 3 years ago in Jedox Core Models 0

Operate workflow steps on consolidated level

As a power user of the Financial Consolidation model I want to proceed (or restart, see related idea)) multiple workflow steps at once so that I don't have to repeat this multiple times. This should be possible on any aggregated element above the ...