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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Categories Jedox Web
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 24, 2022

Manage global custom PHP spreadsheet functions via Report Designer (esp. in Cloud Setup and for Jedox Models)

Dear Jedox colleagues,

we would like to suggest some features to make handling of custom PHP scripts / user defined spreadsheet functions easier ..esp. for Jedox Models and Cloud:

starting point:

You need a custom PHP / spreadsheet function for global usage.

e.g. you need this function in 10 different reports within a Jedox Model

without replicating it as a macro in each report.

current situation:

You have to leave the Jedox Web environment and jump deep into the server,

place PHP files somewhere in lib folders, modify macro_engine_config.xml,

trigger service restarts.

You cannot bundle it with the Jedox Model for consistent and easy deployment to customers.

So you bypass the great development, management and deployment mechanisms around Jedox Models and Cloud.

It is somehow decoupled from the standard Jedox development process.

optimized situation:

It would be great if you could create and register global user defined spreadsheet

functions and macros directly via Report Designer and/or Jedox Administration tab.

..and to be able to include them directly in Jedox Modells.

Thanks for reviewing and maybe considering this for ongoing improvement of the Jedox platform.

Have a great day


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