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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Categories My Models
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 15, 2022

Parallel Job for models

It should be possible, that the jobs in Financial Consolidation Models could run in parallel. The reason is, if you schedule normal jobs e.g. 15 min and they need about 5 min to be finished, and in between you start jobs in financial consolidation model, these jobs are getting queued. So you´re data is not up to date and the user have to wait to work with the model.

"The developer must then ensure that these jobs cannot get in each other's way in terms of content. And this is exactly the problem. Some jobs have nothing to do with each other but others operate on the same dataset.

You would have to have a context term somehow. And then say: All jobs in this same context must be queued sequentially, but jobs in an independent context are allowed to run in parallel."