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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on May 12, 2023

Set up- lower and upper limit to a report cell

As a report designer, I want to set up a lower and upper limit to a value cell so that users are not able to capture meaningless values to the system.

Further Details:


Scope of consolidation report, where user to capture direct ownership rate with a lower limit of 0% and upper limit of 100%. The cell should not accept the value of less than 0 or greater than 100%

  • Guest
    Jul 4, 2023

    this feature can be implemented easily by using the cube worker in the supervision server. this is much more convenient because it is not report-related but catched on a database level.

  • Guest
    May 12, 2023

    I think the feature should not be limited to upper and lower bound of a decimal value, as requested but be extended. There are already good concepts which should be considered:

    1. Microsoft Excel features quite a set of cell data validations, see Apply data validation to cells. In addition to List (already implemented) and Decimal (described above) there is also Whole Number, Date, Time, Text Length and Custom. From my point of view, all these can be useful, Whole Number, Date and Time being more important than Text Length and Custom.

    2. The modeler features a similar concept for attribute values, see Creating and Handling Attributes. In addition to List of values, Subsets and Stored Subsets (already covered implemented as the List feature) there is also Boolean, Integer Range (with is another term for Whole Number), Float Range (which is another term for Decimal, which is described above), Date range (which is another term for Date), Time range (which is another term for Time), Date & time range and Year & month range. It would be good to share concepts between the Domain for attributes and it's UI in the Modeler Grid with cell data validation on web spreadsheets where feasible.

    3. It would be nice to refer to the Domain of an attribute value as defined in the Jedox In-Memory Database (by database, dimension and attribute name) for the cell data validation instead of duplicating the definition in the spreadsheet. This would reduce maintenance and enhance the consistency between multiple reports and between the reports and the database. (For cell values other than attributes values there is no definition in the database yet, which one could refer to)


Functionality to restrict the range of values entered to cubes

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