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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Categories Integrator
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 2, 2019

Allow user-defined nodes in Integrator

User-defined nodes should be allowed in the integrator. Currently, there are "Global Projects" and "Models". If a new node can be created for models, this should technically be no problem for other user-defined nodes. These can be used to structure more complex projects – and it would allow partners/consultants to separate different customer projects (for this, additional sub-projects and/or folders would also be helpful). But as a start it would be a huge benefit to use the current structure and just add a user dialogue to add/delete projects nodes on the same level as "global" or "models".
    Dec 18, 2020

    Thanks for the idea. We are evaluating it. Since 2020.1, you have the ability to pin specific Integrator projects to the start page. Does this help? At what level does the grouping need to take place? It is at a component (ie connection, extract, transform, load, job) level, or would it just be at the load/job level?

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  • Guest
    Feb 4, 2021

    If I understand this right, it's ment to group projects at the top level. If you have 20-30 projects in the "Global projects" and you work together with other partners it could be useful to have not only "Global projects" but even "Partner 1 projects" and "Partner 2 projects" for example.

    Even in our local development environment we have around 70 projects like the standard projects, customer projects, projects with different relational databases (e.g. Oracle, MSSQL) but same functionality. Today this is only splitted by name prefixes.