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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 2, 2019

Web Search

In File Manager you can currently add Tags, Description and an Icon You could create a std report in report manager that would enable you to search on Tags and would list any report you have access to. While right now you can approximate this by creating a dimension with links to reports (like used in RS2014 - see attached .wss - this uses the cube from RS2014 - try searching on HR, Actual, or Revenue, for example) and you would extend this with attributes to search on in a subset, it would be much more elegant if you could create Tags, e.g. HR, or KPI etc and all the reports you have access to appear. Ideally this would be elegantly simple like google search or evrnte (see attached image search1), but the search results could be toggled between a straight text list and displaying the icon for each report like attached image search2 (in jedox the icons are currently only used in the flow view in Report Manager) and a description (eg display the Description which you can also currently enter in against the spreadsheet properties in File Manager but is not visible anywhere).
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  • Guest
    Aug 3, 2020

    this is a standard feature that is by lots of software competitors. This eases dramatically the navigation through the reports