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Status Not Planned
Workspace Jedox Platform
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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 16, 2020

Apply cell style from another cell

Since 2020.1 we can set a style in a dimension element. This is great.

However it works perfect only in Dynamic View reports. In custom reports we can apply style only on the cells with function. It's not possible to apply the style on the DynaRange elements (where the style was initially set).

My suggestion is to make it possible to set the cell style of the dimension element from another cell (with

For example,

Column A has a DynaRange with the elements (not possible to set the style from Modeler).

Column B has function with reference to the column A. And we can set the style from the Modeler.

So, if we could set the A column style the same as column B, then it solves the problem.

    Mar 4, 2022

    Thanks for the idea. This feature has been evaluated by us and we will not implement at this time.

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