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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 3, 2021

Excel - allow multiple accounts per connection

When using Excel and debugging user rights it will be helpful to switch between several accounts without having to change the connection name. The reason is that people will send you their own Excel files and often hardcode the Connection in various places. When debugging with their user rights, it requires you to switch the account details for this connection several times. It would be helpful to be able to switch between different user profiles while keeping your connection stable. I envision like setting up a connection "JedoxServer" and adding several user profiles to this connection. In the Excel Ribbon there is then a dedicated button where you can choose (based on the connections) the profiles e.g. "myself", "user", "admin", "keyuser" ... etc. this would enable you to switch easily between several profiles in one Excel file.