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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 10, 2021

Add an option to customize the design and colors of the Jedox web interior, e.g. to better distinguish between different environments (live vs. test)

When users have to switch between environments, it is often very difficult for them to "quickly" recognize which environment they are on. It can happen that the wrong data is used, e.g. plan data is accidentally entered in the test server instead of the live server. Customization of the login page is not helpful because the set color is not visible after login or does not appear at all during SSO login via AD.

When customizing reports or working with templates, a separate template file must be maintained for each environment, which is not efficient. Moreover, this is not helpful when working in Integrator, Modeler or the Scheduler component.

It would be more convenient to adjust the design or colors of the environments so that they can be easily distinguished. For example, one possibility would be to set different colors for the sidebar or the interior background, so that no matter where you are in Jedox, you can unmistakably tell which server you are on.