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Status Planned
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 20, 2021

Allow multiple elements (array) in subset hierarchy filter

Currently it is possible to use multiple hierarchy filters in a subset formula to present multiple hierarchies (e.g. show two of 4 nodes from second level in a dimension). If the hierarchy filter instead would allow for an array of elements, this would solve 99% of cases where multiple hierarchy filters are currently needed. This would then also allow to build the subset with subset editor instead of switching to the formula to get the desired result, which improves the maintainability for designers.

This would also eliminate custom macros etc that are used for a scenario like:

  • providing a list form element to multiselect elements and then create the subset with its multiple hierarchy filters with a macro (as this requires a dynamic number of hierarchy filters it is not possible to use the spreadsheet subset formula for this purpose)