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Add Python Code Module to Integrator similar to R-Code Module

Python is our typical scripting language. It would be beneficial if we could use our skills also in Jedox or if we could copy code from other systems to Jedox.
5 months ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 1 Planned

GraphQL/Connector (API support)

This is a partner request(Alvarezan): We request that Jedox highly consider a dedicated GraphQL connector to the Jedox platform. As discussed on the call, GraphQL is being used by the clients with whom we work, and we would like to use a direct co...
18 days ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Future consideration

The Project box is not wide enough to show the full project names

The dropdown list in the 'Project' box is not wide enough to display the full project names. This limitation can pose challenges for users in identifying the correct project to choose, especially for a long project name; for example, a project...
3 months ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Planned

debug mode for macros and script code in ETL

when writing macros or script code in ETL it is often difficult to find out what went wrong and when it went wrong. The only way at the moment is to scan the log files for error messages. For development it would be helpfull to have a debug mode ...
over 4 years ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Not Planned

New connection type to DATEV in the Integrator

Similar to SAP, a new connection type to DATEV should be offered, ideally with pre-built extract types, to be able to quickly generate master and transactional data in Jedox.
over 1 year ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 7 Future consideration

Roll-back of write actions when execution of Integrator job fails

When executing an Integrator job that writes data to a database with limited user permissions in that database, it could happen that the job does not complete successfully because some write actions fail (due to missing permissions of the user). I...
5 months ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Future consideration

Table aggregation|concatenation separator.

Possibility to add the separator for aggregation type -> group concatenation. It could be ,.;[]#XX!, etc. Currently, the separator by default is coma ",". Sometimes we need to do a step after where we split things in columns based on the separa...
4 months ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Planned

Flag / Highlight ETL component in graph

the basic idea comes from a forgotten filter in the table view. Flagging or highlighting components in the graph could help to visually perceive open changes/adjustments so that they are not forgotten. in the attached screenshot you can find a qui...
3 months ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 1 Future consideration

Create new folders in Integrator

Today, it is not possible to create a new folder in the Integrator section. Only importing projects via the marketplace creates new folders that cannot be renamed. It would be interesting to have this possibility in order to gain visibility at the...
6 months ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Planned

handle REST calls returning CSV data

Combine the abilities of the REST interface (token authentication) with the file connector (handling of CSV data) -- we actually have a REST inerface which returns CSV data for a GET request and currently, there is no way to import this in Jedox.
about 1 month ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 2 Future consideration