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Microsoft Office integrations (Excel, PowerPoint)

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If an element has only one element below only the top element is shown in POV

Wenn you are creating or editing a view with the new 365 excel add-in and you have an element which has only one element below, always the top element is shown in the view / POV.In all other cases (and in the old l-egacy add-in) the choosen elemen...

Select Element Dialog in Excel 365

In the standard Excel Add-in it is possible to use a function PALO.ESELECT to visualize an element as well as change it by double-click. But in Excel 365 it does not work - just nothing happens. It is necessary to implement an element selection in...

Excel add-in SSO save credentials

Presently when a user authenticates their excel add-in with SSO or SAML Jedox does NOT store the credentials and therefore users have to enter their credentials every time they open excel. Store the token or cookie or whatever it is that Azure AD ...

Jedox Excel-Add-In for ARM Windows/Office

There should be an Excel-Add-In version for the new Mac/Parallels/ARM Windows/ ARM Office environments. Jedox-Excel-Add-In should work with these ARM prerequisites. Currently you are able to install the Add-in into the ARM environment (Parallels/ ...

Make Jedox refresh ONLY ONE single sheet In Excel

Create a refresh sheet option In Excel, and disable auto refresh all workbook and sheets whenever Jedox initiates an action ( paste element, change POV.. etc) . This will make better usability with Excel addin.

Excel Online Addin with SSO

Please enable SSO authentication in the Excel Online Add-In.

Version check in Excel plugin

I often have users that have installed an updated excel plugin to Jedox, while their Jedox production system is an older version. It would be nice if the Jedox plugin would check the versions of the Jedox you log on, and the Jedox plugin and give ...

save cell formatting in stored views

When you save a Ad-Hoc-View in the "stored view" (Privat or Global) the cell format, for example comma , will be lost when you open the Ad-Hoc-View again.

More flexibility for "Parents below Children" option in Views

At the moment, when using the "parents below children" option in Jedox Views, it is always applied to both the rows AND the columns in the View. On columns, moving parent elements to the right when expanding is sometimes confusing. The request wou...

Cell Properties handling in OLAP for frontends

OLAP Server contains storage for persisting cell properties (e.g. number format, foreground color, note,...). This can be used to centrally define and store properties of the cell and then later be shared on different frontends e.g. define rule th...