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Financial Consolidation Model

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Restrict the duplication of capital consolidation journal entries to entities which are still in the scope of consolidation

The duplication of capital consolidation journal entries from the prior period should not apply to capital consolidation journal entries which apply to entities which are not in the scope of consolidation in the current reporting period. See secti...

Mapping tables for the Bring Balances Forward procedure

The current Bring Balances Forward procedure maps the T999 Closing transaction type from the prior reporting period always to T000 Opening of the current reporting period. All balance sheet accounts are always brought forward to the indentical acc...
11 months ago in Jedox Core Models / Financial Consolidation Model 3 Planned

Add paging in reports for Legal Entities (including the ones listed for workflow)

Sometimes, there are many Legal Entities at customers, paging function would be needed in reports: "Scope of consolidation", "Data collection", "Consolidation Manager", "Consolidated Financial Statement".

Custom source level elements in the Consolidation dimension

The Local GAAP element of the Consolidation dimension is the only element to receive original source data for the separate finanical statements. This data is captured on the ~ element of the Scope dimension and shows automatically on all other sco...

Operate workflow steps on consolidated level

As a power user of the Financial Consolidation model I want to proceed (or restart, see related idea)) multiple workflow steps at once so that I don't have to repeat this multiple times. This should be possible on any aggregated element above the ...

Restart workflow step

As a power user of the Financial Consolidation model I want to reset a single scope (being a workflow step in the Consolidation workflow) or a single legal entity (being a workflow step in the Separate Financial Statement Collection workflow) so t...

Notes to financial statements

Extend the storage to capture reporting positions for the notes (text narratives and tabular information) which cannot be captured by the existing cubes. Provide sample data and reports for the most common notes sections.

Show intercompany mismatching amounts in the Intercompany Matrix report

Extend the intercompany matrix report showing I/C relations by legal entity and partner entity to also show the break-down by the consolidation rules. Possibly show all three dimensions nested on rows. Show the measures (numer of intercompany reat...

Provide an interface to the Integrated Financial Planning model

Provide an import interface (e.g. as an Integrator job) to import the separate financial statements of one or multiple legal entities from the Integrated Financial Planning model. The interface should map the monthly amounts to the required year-t...

Guided user interface for data validations

Users would benefit from an easy way to set up custom data validations, similar to the setup of consolidation rules. E.g. the amount on a PnL Account needs to match a movement on a BS Account.