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Microsoft Office integrations (Excel, PowerPoint)

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Jedox Excel-Add-In for ARM Windows/Office

There should be an Excel-Add-In version for the new Mac/Parallels/ARM Windows/ ARM Office environments. Jedox-Excel-Add-In should work with these ARM prerequisites. Currently you are able to install the Add-in into the ARM environment (Parallels/ ...

Version check in Excel plugin

I often have users that have installed an updated excel plugin to Jedox, while their Jedox production system is an older version. It would be nice if the Jedox plugin would check the versions of the Jedox you log on, and the Jedox plugin and give ...

Check calculation period of Subset Data.Filter

Problem: When an user executes an Excel-Subset with a Data.Filter and this Data.Filter has unsufficient restrictions on every dimension, then the subset calculation will need a high amount of Server resources and the olap service is likely to cras...