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Define a global custom color palette

I want to add a new palette to the "Default series” of palettes in the global settings. By clicking ‘add new palette’ it would open a "Brand Palette form” where I can add the following minimum hex colours: Brand main colour Brand fade colour 1 Bra...
over 1 year ago in Jedox Platform / Charting & Visualization 0 Future consideration

Background image for canvas

Instead of only having a color as backgorund, it should be possible to select a background image. This would allow to have a background image with all frames placed on top of it
over 1 year ago in Jedox Platform / Canvas 2 Planned

Add Actions to KPI Card

Adding Actions to KPI card would lead to greater consistency in Canvas, and via the Hyperlink action would allow you to switch from the KPI card to a Spreadsheet or Canvas report dedicated to the followed indicator.
8 months ago in Jedox Platform / Canvas 2 Future consideration

Editing Named Ranges and Variables in reports

When handling Named Ranges and Variables in reports it would be helpful to be able to export/import all Named Ranges and Variables. (And be able to edit them in excel for example.) Plus it would be good to have the possibility to edit the name dir...
about 2 months ago in Jedox Platform / Web Spreadsheet 0 Future consideration

Enable trace cell value in the new Views feature that just came out for 24.1

It would be particularly useful for admins and power users to trace the cell value directly in Views just like it is done in regular paste views.
2 months ago in Jedox Platform / Microsoft Office integrations (Excel, PowerPoint, & Word) / Views 0 Future consideration

Moving dimensions in dynatbales/pivot

If I want to move a dimension, I only want to see the option where I can move it to and not the current group. Right now I can choose the current group as well, except for when the item is at the last position, but then it is still showing the cur...
25 days ago in Jedox Platform / Views 0 Future consideration

System to remember users option of "Hide Empty elements" in Element Selector

When a view is zero suppressed on a large cube, the element Selectors in the Title (POV) dimensions automatically select "Hide Empty Elements" . There is no way to uncheck this without triggering a view refresh in the pasted view. The dialog shoul...
2 months ago in Jedox Platform / Views 3 Future consideration

Display WSS/Canvas in a modal window

With this function it is very simple to display reports/canvas centered in another window with the option to hide the scrollbars and window titles with one click and to darken the background color. It is no longer necessary to build a frameset to ...
almost 2 years ago in Jedox Platform / Canvas / Jedox Web Navigation 1 Future consideration

PDF output filename

I had the requirement to specify the output filename of PDF print to file in order for another system (HR) to import and upload to userfolder inside an intranet tool. I had to create 1 file per set of variable (other idea) and then have a specific...
28 days ago in Jedox Platform / Web Spreadsheet 0 Future consideration

PDF option to split output files

I recently had to create a macro / script for PDF printing files to individual files per set of variable rather merging everything into one big PDF file. Would be great to have such option. Also this will have the requirement to specify the output...
28 days ago in Jedox Platform / Web Spreadsheet 0 Future consideration