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HTML in Action Button Confirmation Dialog

It would be pretty cool if the confirmation dialog in an action button could process html. This would make the dialog much more user-friendly, instead of just a flat text as it is now.
11 days ago in Jedox Platform / Web Spreadsheet 0 Not Planned

Snapshots in the Excel 365 Add-in

Currently, there are cases where Excel files containing Jedox data are shared with Auditors, board members, or other stakeholders that don't directly belong to the company and don't have an add-in account. For them, it doesn't matter to access sta...

Centralized connection manager for the Excel 365 Add-in

Recently, a new Excel Add-in was deployed at the company, compared to the existing on-prem Add-in the deployment was faster and easier. However, management for connections is not supported centrally yet. It would be great to manage those settings ...

Connection to a Sharepoint List

i can make a connection to a file in sharepoint but not to a sharepoint list we have our contract management in sharepoint as sharepoint listsand we need the status of a contract and other data in jedox actuall i have to use power automate to writ...
12 days ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Future consideration

Layout of dynatables (row spacing)

Views/ dynatables are a great thing. It would be awesome to have more options to adjust the layout. In particular things like row spacing or font size etc.
18 days ago in Jedox Platform / Views 1 Future consideration

Calculated format / protection in view lists

Lists are a great way to make better use of views accross the system. However, in planning situations it is most often necessaary to compute whether or not a cell is open for data entry. The style/format of the modeler is not sufficient there. For...
18 days ago in Jedox Platform / Views 0 Future consideration

Enable attributes or aliases in dynatables / views

Currently there are only the element codes available for dynatables aka views. Would be nice to also have the option to show attributes or aliases instead.
18 days ago in Jedox Platform / Views 0 Already exists

Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) in Routes - VPN

We have a request from a customer where "a few of our data sources may dynamically receive an IP address for security reasons. The Jedox VPN seems to require an exact match of a static IP and not a CIDR." Can we implement this in the VPN in the Co...
19 days ago in Jedox Platform / Cloud Console & Administration 0 Future consideration

Direct Integration of Dynatables/Views into Canvas Dashboards

Description: Extend the planned functionality of Dynatables in Canvas by allowing you to integrate newly created Dynatables directly into existing Canvas dashboards in the Dynatable area. This feature is designed to streamline workflows and improv...
20 days ago in Jedox Platform / Views 0 Planned

Enable drill-through capability in Excel 365

The drill-through capability is not enabled in the new Add-in. This is very important, especially in the controlling department, where you want to see what's behind aggregated values (E.g., specific invoices and related details)