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Capacity to manage multiples Active Directory in Cloud

When we are facing prospect with many subsidiaries, they often have their own Active Directory. Jedox does not support it. Some of our competitors (like Board) offers this functionnality which penalizes us on deals.
10 months ago in Jedox Platform / Jedox Cloud 1 Future consideration

Hide all #VALUE errors

Especially on opening or reloading a workbook for a short moment there may be displayed lots of #VALUE errors, while Jedox is retrieving data. Only possibility to hide these currently is an optional formatting for text color to match background c...
over 4 years ago in Jedox Platform / In-Memory DB / Jedox Web / Microsoft Office integrations 1 Future consideration

Make Global color palettes available in the Jedox-Designer

I want to be able to access the different series of palettes in the designer when I design reports. Most importantly, as a client, I want to access our company's own palette in the colour picker of the design tab (see attached ‘Colour Picker.png’)...
about 1 year ago in Jedox Platform / Charting & Visualization 0 Future consideration

Check In / Check Out mechanism for workbooks in Jedox Web (+versioning)

Please provide a safety mechanism for efficient team development. Currently if you work with multiple developers on one server it will not be rejected that 2 persons do changes on the same workbook at the same time. The last one who is saving the...
over 4 years ago in Jedox Platform / Other 2 Not Planned

Semi-additive measures: AverageNonEmpty, LastNonEmpty

It is very helpful that Jedox has implemented the first semi-additive measures in version 6. (AVG, Last/First Child) It would be great if this could be continued by 2 more of them: 1.) Most important would be AverageNonEmpty, to get an ava...
over 4 years ago in Jedox Platform / In-Memory DB 3 Future consideration

Define a global custom color palette

I want to add a new palette to the "Default series” of palettes in the global settings. By clicking ‘add new palette’ it would open a "Brand Palette form” where I can add the following minimum hex colours: Brand main colour Brand fade colour 1 Bra...
about 1 year ago in Jedox Platform / Charting & Visualization 0 Future consideration

New connection type to DATEV in the Integrator

Similar to SAP, a new connection type to DATEV should be offered, ideally with pre-built extract types, to be able to quickly generate master and transactional data in Jedox.
over 1 year ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 7 Future consideration

SQL-Generator for ETL Relational Extract

SQL Query Designer with UI that generates SQL from clicks, e.g. Query Builder as in MS Access + Editor with Syntax highlighting for SQL. #6396
over 4 years ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 1 Not Planned

Pagebreak in PDF prints

When printing PDF pages it is sometimes needed that you can define where the page are broken, so that you can control what is shown on page 1, 2 etc. This is a feature which will improve the usability for the viewer of the reports made in Jedox.
over 4 years ago in Jedox Platform / Jedox Web 4 Future consideration

Set up- lower and upper limit to a report cell

As a report designer, I want to set up a lower and upper limit to a value cell so that users are not able to capture meaningless values to the system. Further Details: Example: Scope of consolidation report, where user to capture direct ownership ...
7 months ago in Jedox Platform / Jedox Web 2 Future consideration