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Incremental Jedox Data Driven Modeling in Excel

Scenario: User has created dimensions and cubes using Jedox DDM though add-in in month 1. In the next month there are few more new dimension elements and additional cube data which needs to be added to the database.Challenge: the user is comfortab...
about 2 years ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Planned

Dynamic label for buttons

Today, button's label is a static value. Could be very useful in Reports and Canvas to have dynamic sources like variables or named ranges
about 2 years ago in Jedox Platform / Jedox Web Navigation 1 Planned

Table Union: Additional check box "use columns from first source only"

When you are joining 2 datasets from 2 different sources, identical column names are merged and the data appears in one column. However, if one of the data sources has additional columns not in the first data source, the output includes ALL column...
over 2 years ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Planned

Allow multiple elements (array) in subset hierarchy filter

Currently it is possible to use multiple hierarchy filters in a subset formula to present multiple hierarchies (e.g. show two of 4 nodes from second level in a dimension). If the hierarchy filter instead would allow for an array of elements, this ...
over 2 years ago in Jedox Platform / In-Memory DB / Jedox Web Navigation 0 Planned

Text filter in Cube Extract

Right now it is not possible to filter on text in the "Filter condition for cube value" part in Cube extracts. A TableView is needed for that, what is waste of resources (you have to pull all and filter there).
over 2 years ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Planned

Visualize mandatory input field in Integrator UI

The UI for components in an Integrator project (conencts, transforms etc.) offers all the various parameters and options of a component. Some of these are mandatory, while others are optional. However,t he UI currently doesn't show which of the fi...
almost 3 years ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator / Jedox Web Navigation 0 Planned

Search and select all matching elements in "Paste elements" dialog

Add functionality to search and select all matching elements in "Paste elements" UI from Jedox Web. An intuitive syntax will be *name*

CLOUD | API for cloud console logs

Dear Jedox, I believe it is very useful to access the log files within the integrator. However, accessing the log files is no longer possible due to Kubernetes infra. It would be nice to have an alternative. Would it be possible to create an API f...
about 3 years ago in Jedox Platform / Jedox Cloud 7 Planned

Show the last log rows instead of limiting ("tail" instead of "head")

when too many log lines are returned the message "Log limit for INFO messages exceeded" appears. Then you need to go on the server and look at the lines. An option to show the last lines instead of limiting would be really helpful
over 3 years ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 1 Planned

Export of Rules incl unique ID

I would like to get the unique rules id when doing export of rules from cubes. That would enable us to generate a delta log on rules using a datawarehouse. Furthermore, having a semantic key, i.e. a key I could set on top of having the comment fie...
almost 4 years ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Planned