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Status Planned
Workspace Jedox Platform
Categories Marketplace
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 21, 2022

Install old model versions from marketplace

As a user of the model installation from the Jedox marketplace I would like to select the model version from all releases from the past so that I can install a model version with a know-to-be-good quality.

In the vast majority of cases the latest model version is the best version and this should be installed. It should also be the default which will be offered and installed unless the user takes action. However, there are a few cases when a user would prefer an older version over the latest version:

1. An model implementation project has started with the latest version and invested time and effort for the configuration and testing. When the project implementation is completed they would prefer to go-live with this version instead of being forced to upgarde to a newwer version which has been released after the project was started.

2. A customer knows (or thinks) that the laster model release has a bug which an older version did not. While waiting for the support case to be completed he want's to use the older version which was known (or asumed) to be good to confirm the theory and to set up a functioning envirnoment temporarily until a fixed version is released. (This time may be extended by restoring customizations and testing in the customer environment.)