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PALO.DATA.AVG -> add option to count zero cells/values

Please add an option in the function to include Zero values into the calculated average. Also add the option to PALO.DATA.CNT
over 4 years ago in Jedox Platform / Other 0 Already exists

Rule template on System dimensions

Allow queries on System dimensions, for instance #_GROUP_, to be able to define dynamic right rules (e.g. in #_GROUP_CELL_DATA_)
over 4 years ago in Jedox Platform / In-Memory DB 0 Not Planned

Add role/right for internal databases

Please create a rights object that can be assigned to a specific role to see jedox internal databases like rgrp and fgrp. These databases are very helpful sometimes and I cannot imagine a substantial reason why these are hidden at all.
over 4 years ago in Jedox Platform / Other 2 Not Planned

Possibility to recognize cells with imposed "Hold" in web reports.

Right now, the only option to see which cells are within a "Hold" is via the Hold Manager. However, the hold manager doesnt give a list of all held cells in a given report. You have to click on every single cell and check if it on hold or not, whi...
over 4 years ago in Jedox Platform / Other 0 Future consideration

Add additional checkbox in Integrator Action for "Test Connections"

Include a new checkbox in Integrator that when checked, the Action just tests the Integrator load/job in the specified project without actually executing the project. The check box should have the same effect as pressing the "Test" button in a com...
about 2 years ago in Jedox Platform / Jedox Web 0 Future consideration

cd as source format in the DateFormat Function in the FieldTransform

At the moment the cd format is only supported as a target format. When a date is needed as an input variable in an integrator project it is quite difficult to get it in another fomrat than the cd format to the integrator. If you use for example th...
about 2 years ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Future consideration

Set tab order correctly in Settings

When in Settings manager, using the tab button on the keyboard to navigate, it bounces around up and down the settings list, instead of logically going from one section to the next. Regardless of custom keys added, using the tab key should result ...
about 2 years ago in Jedox Platform / Jedox Web 0 Future consideration

Use "default homepage" in mobile app

Add support for utilizing "default homepage" in mobile app, i.e. the report which is defined as "homepage" (default for all groups, or group-specific) and opened directly after logging in. - Use the same "Default Homepage" as in regular browser, o...
over 4 years ago in Jedox Platform / Mobile App 0 Future consideration

Display amount total number of elements and the number selected element dialogs (large dimensions)

If you open a paste view or a subset and choose elements in the dialogue only the first 2000 elements are displayed. If you scroll down with the scroll bar the next 500 elements are loaded. It isn't visible how many elements are in this dimension....
over 2 years ago in Jedox Platform / Views & Lists 0 Future consideration

Show tracepoints in the Flow graph of integrator projects

It would be nice if the Flow Graph of some Integrator project could somehow show whether a component in the project does have any (active) tracepoints.
over 2 years ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 0 Future consideration