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Created on Jul 2, 2019

Manual input for cube data loaded via the Load - Drillthrough

Currently, if you load data into a cube via the Load -Drillthrough and there is no data in a cube cell,the message "No data returned for this area" is shown when clicking on the cell in a pasted view in a spreadsheet.One of our customers would like to see the drill through window of the cube cell when it is manually updated with another value.In current version of Jedox,even after a cube cell is manually updated with another value, the message "No data returned for this area" remains shown.
    Jul 2, 2019
    Drillthrough reflects the source of data at the time an import is made, and manual input in a cube should not manipulate that import source data. What is possible already in a drillthrough script is, if the data from the drillthrough source is empty, to return base values of a consolidated cell drillthrough is called on instead. This is independent of values being changed.
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