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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 16, 2022

Create global variables to make modeling easier

Global variables available across the whole platform would make integration, modeling and planning much more simple and unified.

One way of doing this is with setting keys (there could be other, better ways to achieve this).

Right now, setting keys can be used in Integrator as a basis for a variable, and in the spreadsheet via CONFIG.GET(). They are typically read only unless you implement complicated routines to write back a value.

-Setting keys as variables should be read/write from anywhere in the platform: Integrator, Spreadsheet, Designer, Reports, Rules, Scheduler.

This concept should be extended to make it easier to set and read these setting keys as variables.

Setting Keys: Rename custom setting keys to "Global Variables" .

Integrator: Extend the concept of using setting variables to allow for easy writeback to the Setting Keys from Integrator.

Spreadsheet: Allow "global variables" to show in the variables manager in the spreadsheet under the label "global variables" . These would operate exactly the same way in the spreadsheet as normal variables, but the value would be saved globally (ie outside the spreadsheet in settings manager)

Schedule/Designer/Reports: Allow Global Variables to be used for Scheduled report generation and scheduled integrator jobs

Rules: In template / normal rules, allow global variables to be used in the calculation of rules.

Views/Subsets: Global variables would be used the same way as normal variables.