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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 5, 2022

Fallback to default connection-database setting for Palo formulas

As a web report designer in a model I want all Palo formulas to use the system.connection and system.database model settings so that the key user of the model can easily change the database name in the settings.

To achieve this today the web report designer must

1. Define a named range or a variable for the connection-database string

2. Initialize it with =CONFIG.GET("system.connection",MODEL.ID())&"/"&CONFIG.GET("system.database",MODEL.ID())

3. For (almost) every palo formula change the server/database (which actually should read connection/database) to a variable pointing to the above named range or variable.

This is tedious and error-prone. When this is forgotten for one out of many formulas the application will still run fine when using the default database name. When switching to a non-default database name the formula will fail (when there is no database with the default name) or operate unexpectedly on the wrong database. This will not only show wrong results on the screen but may also compute wrong results which are later saved to the database or write values to the wrong database.

The following changes would make this much easier:

1. The Palo formulas in a model should support an empty string for the connection-database (alias server/database) parameter. If this parameter is empty, the formula should use the system.connection and system.database settings from model settings as a fallback.

2. For any new Palo formula which is created through a dialog (paste view, paste subset, paste element, paste data function, form element using a subset, data validation using a subset, etc.) as part of a model, the empty string should be the default.

I assume in the future the majority of Jedox based applications (including custom applications) will be models. So I the vast majority of web report designers will benefit from this feature. Forward looking, I don't think it's worth to think of non-model applications when evaluating this feature request.