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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 2, 2019

Full Groovy support missing in Jedox 7

Jedox is using a customized Groovy implementation. This does not contain all functionality of groovy!!!!!! The documentation does not state a hint that not all native groovy functions are supported. e.g AntBuilder() is missing in Jedox 7. Either change the doku, give a list of all supported functions or provide the full function catalogue of groovy by adding the missing libraries. Also the groovy version used would be nice to now.
  • Guest
    Jul 2, 2019
    Integrator uses the standard Groovy engine for the JVM, currently in version 2.4.13: This has been added to the Knowledge Base: There is no special customization and all standard Groovy functions should work (except those who require UI interaction). The "Jedox Integrator Scripting API" enhances the Groovy functionality and in case of Groovy functions special variables are set for the input rows. Additional external libraries could be used by adding the corresponding jar-files to the installation. This is e.g. the case for AndBuilder: "Ant itself is a collection of jar files. By adding them to your classpath, you can easily use them within Groovy as is." In case of issues with standard Groovy functionality, please raise a Support ticket to Jedox.