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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 2, 2023

Text hyperlinks/action in dynaranges

The ability to add a text hyperlink into a dynarange exists and one is able to add an action, however it cannot refer to dynamic cells in the dynarange, therefore it is not dynamic.

This could be a first iteration of this idea, For reference:

"It is possible to put an icon in a dynarange and use that with a hyperlink to do certain things (open new report with certain variables set, trigger a macro, etc), however it requires a bit of advanced knowledge. A button would offer all the Actions we now have (and will continue to develop), making it easy for the average user to do this.

"This could be useful because one might want to set certain variables based on different rows/values within the dynarange, which now is only possible in certain situations and requires a bit of heavy lifting from the hyperlink function. Additionally, there are certain things that can not be done in a dynarange (refresh a report for example) if it is wrapped in an IF statement or anything, and the button would hopefully solve that problem."