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Status Not Planned
Workspace Jedox Platform
Categories Jedox Web
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 2, 2019

ComboBox of the concatenate multiple attribute values on the Spreadsheet

e.g. [attribute values] code name 00001 storeA 00002 storeB 00003 storeC ・ [ComboBox values] (current) storeA storeB storeC ・ ↓ (Want function) 00001 : storeA 00002 : storeB 00003 : storeC ・

Basically, we would like for Comboboxes to have the same cabilities like the "Select Element" dialog, and a View; select an "Alias Format" to show both element name AND attribute / alias.

    Oct 23, 2020

    Thanks for the idea. This feature has been evaluated by us and we will not implement at this time. It is already possible to achieve this effect by having rule-calculated attributes. Also, In Jedox Views, this capability is available out-of-the-box.

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