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Created on Jul 2, 2019

Hide Sheet Selector

At the moment, we have the option to show/hide the below attributes on a frameset: Hide horizontal scrollbar Hide vertical scrollbar Hide sheet selector Use for export (see frames.png) It would be useful to also have these options on an individual web spreadsheet (wss). Right now if you want to make the report appear without a tab (ie without the sheet selector), you need to put the spreadsheeet into a frame (and e.g. add a blank worksheet so you have two in the frame). This is esp relevant when you want more real estate for the report on a mobile device. (see reportwithoutselector.png) It would also be good to have the same options to e.g. hide the menu - either in user defaults - or in report properties - as you do when you make a "standalone" link (see link.png)
  • Guest
    Aug 31, 2021

    With Jedox 2021.3, websheets with a single visible sheet, will now not display the sheet selector in reports mode.