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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Categories Integrator
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 4, 2020

New log level "Info+"

it could be usefull to have a new log level "Info+" : sometimes it is useful to log informations that are relevant and that you want to catch attention to, but you do not want to cause a warning. A new method "LOG.infoPlus()" or something would be helpful, this would be colored dark green for instance but still deliver a status "Completed successfully"

  • Guest
    Sep 15, 2021

    This is a really good request! We're also using warn as a special highlighting function --> not ideal!


New CUSTOM log level in integrator for developer logs

Right now, a developer can use the existing log levels to write out custom logs using, .warn() etc. These log levels are also used for system generated logs as well. A lot of Integrator developers use the LOG.warn() type log message to ...
about 2 years ago in Jedox Platform / Integrator 2 Future consideration