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Status Shipped
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 26, 2021

Introduce a 'reload' concept in views

When the view structure changes (eg a subset changes) views in existing reports are not changing automatically. A 'reload' concept would allow users to completely reload the view from the server. This could be a button to the right of the view list in Designer , and in the context menu when the user is within the bounds of the view.

This would also be available in Excel.

NOTE: Need to evaluate how this would work with the existing 'Reset view selection' available in Reports.

    Aug 12, 2022

    Thanks for the idea. We have recently shipped this in the latest release of Jedox together with Variables in Views: Views are now automatically updated with a normal refresh in case the structure has changed. Please check it out and tell us what you think!