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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Categories Jedox Web
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 19, 2021

Right click worksheet menu without activating the sheet.

In Designer, you cannot delete a worksheet without first activating it. Normally, this is ok but if there is anything wrong with the sheet (corruption, crazy loops, etc) it could crash the whole spreadsheet / web.

Feature request is: when right clicking on a tab to delete/move/insert/hide sheet, that sheet is not activated . Activation of the sheet should only occur when user (left) clicks on the sheet tab.

    Nov 19, 2021

    Hi. This is a good idea. While we cannot commit to a specific target version, we will consider adding it to our future internal backlog. If you can add further information about the context of this feature, please add it here so we can evaluate it more fully.

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