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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 7, 2021

Return codes and description for Actions

All actions should have the possibility to have an optional return code/description to provide information about the execution. This could then be sent to a variable/named range/range to be processed in a subsequent action. This effectively allows for branching logic for multiple actions and also to provide some specific feedback to the user, e.g. displayed in a range.

The return codes/description may have to be specific for actions (eg the return codes for Integrator may be the load/job return code), but there should be an exhaustive list of these that can be referenced.

Example of return codes

Button Action 1: Add element.

Button Action 2: Run Integrator Load

If the return code for Add element Action 1 is False/Error/0, then the Button Action 2 could not be executed (the button may be hidden or an alternative Load may be run).

Return codes would be very useful right now, but become especially powerful in a multi-action execution scenario (ie Multiple Actions).

Some actions might not have return codes (logout for example? - would have to research this, as maybe it is possible?), so there might be a subset of Actions that could return a return code.