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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Platform
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 7, 2021

Language selection based on combobox instead of Jedox system

Currently: Language selection is currently based on the Jedox system.
Use case A: Jedox is available for e.g. Korean language, but the build application has only translations for English or German. In that case currently a workaorund need to check the system language and set it in a macro hardcoded to default on the startpage.
Use case B: Testing would be a lot easier instead to login and out again and again. To check the other language. (Happens a lot if customer A or I use english and customer B uses German and I need to check there provided issue.)
Why we need this solution: Using the Jedox system language does not give the user the opportunity to choose which language they prefer instead if e.g. Korean does not exists. As a user it would be great to have the opportunity to choose the language based on a combobox.
Using comboboxes works currently only in combination to create own attributes like Name_EN, Name_DE, etc.