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Status Future consideration
Categories ESG
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 4, 2023

Splashing of long term target to month/year

When adding a target in the ESG Accelerator "Target Setting Input", the model should automatically splash the target out to the year/month, either evenly distributed or distributed based on actuals for a given year.

The long term target setting in the ESG BPA is a point that helps sets Jedox apart from other ESG solutions, as this point focus on strategic targets rather than simple reporting. However, those long term targets are quite intangible if the are not broken down. This can be done manually and then added to each month for a given yyear/month. However, Jedox already has a really good splashing capability that could automate this, so the long term targets are automatically broken down by year and month. Having this functionality as part of the Accelerator would greatly increase the value provided to the customer.

I have attached a screenshot and highlighted the template I am mentioning.