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Status Future consideration
Workspace Jedox Core Models
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 28, 2021

Storage, input screens and import interface for trial balances in the Financial Consolidation model

The database should be extended by a storage of trial balances in local charts of accounts. Data should be either imported from a file in a standard format or/or captured from input screens. The input screens should cover values for ledger accounts with and without an intercompany breakdown. Balance sheet accounts should be captured as closing balances and/or broken down by transactions. Opening balances should be either brought forwards and shown read-only or being writable. Both import interfaces and input screens should support the workflow.

Multiple local chart of accounts should be supported. Multiple legal entities may or may not share the same local COA. IDs for ledger accounts may be used with a different meaning in other local COAs. Local COAs may change over time and versions.